Park Forumları

Public park forums' map by the provinces in Turkey, during the 2013 protests in Turkey.

A photo from Abbasağa Park Forum 28 June 2013.

Abbasağa Forum in Beşiktaş. photo: Muhsin Akgün

A visual distributed via social media regarding the conventions of forums

A photo from LGBT Parade on 30 June 2013 (Source: Kaosgl)

Zekeriyaköy Forum

Solidarity Market organized by Zekeriyaköy forum (image by Fethi Izan).

Poster for a photo safari activity organized by Zekeriyaköy Forum, to document the environmental destruction for the 3rdBosporus Bridge of Istanbul.

Crowds gathered at Abbasaga Park in Istanbul in late June. Anti-government protests have dimmed after an intense crackdown, but Turks continue to gather each night in dozens of parks across the country to brainstorm about ways to get politically organized. Credit Ed Ou for The New York Times