Uluğ, Ö. M., & Acar, Y. (2015). We are more than alliances between groups': A social psychological perspective on the Gezi Park protesters and negotiating levels of identity. In Everywhere Taksim: sowing the seeds for a new Turkey at Gezi. Amsterdam University Press.

Trades unions (Istanbul): Trades unions, such as TMMOB and the Union

of Health and Social Service Workers (SES), participated in the protests

against the persecution of the environment and environmentalism, the

persecution of ‘the people’ and to prevent the AKP’s Taksim project.

Especially in the second term of the AKP government, massive changes

were conducted across Turkey in the name of urban renewal without

first consulting with TMMOB, despite its role in appraising urban development

proposals. Participants stated very firmly: there are certain

living spaces in the city that just should not be touched. They were,

therefore, against these urban renewal projects and became a barrier

to the AKP government’s projects

Trades union members participated in the protests both as individuals

and with union identities. They felt close to Taksim Solidarity, Çarşı and

the Anti-capitalist Muslims and other unions, but not to the CHP. (p. 130-131)